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    Laser machine

    Product details

    • Product number:JG-8
    • Market price:
    • Sale price:
    • Shelf time:2018-10-09
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    stable system and maintenance free

    No any chemical material auxiliary

    Precision field clean 

    No-contact laser clean ,avoid component injured

    One-touch operate mode

    Fiber laser generator

    Handle or auto mode 


    Rust clean

    Paint remove

    Oil and dust clean

    Coating remove

    Pretreatment of Welding or coating 

    Rubber remove

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    Established in March 2001. Dongguan Dongyun Machinery Making Co,.Ltd. is Sino-HongKong joint venture enterprise. It is the largest manufacture, which is specialized in developing and making gravure equipment in China. We always insist on a principle that "quality, R&D, market, ".and got a high reputation in the market.

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